Suspended Coffee & Sandwiches

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One of our most popular methods of donation is our suspended coffee scheme.

You buy a virtual coffee, sandwich, or a snack and then our share Outreach Team go out and buy the real drinks and food while our volunteers scribe your personal messages onto the share coffee cup sleeves.  This product covers all costs associated to allow us to provide these items. 

The team then hit the streets of Cheshire and North Wales in our newly purchased share Van (funded via a team of amazing share sponsors) and at our Outreach facility on Northgate Street, Chester, and then dish out the goodies to our friends who are struggling with homelessness and extreme poverty.

The team go out twice a week to provide this much-needed sustenance to those in need, and the rest of the coffees and sandwiches go onto the suspended board in the share shop making them available for those in need to collect whenever they need.

Don't forget to pop a message in the comments box when you check out so that we can pass it on and give your beneficiary a little lift!