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So far an amazing 34,697 bricks have been bought for our “Buy a Brick” campaign.

For just £1 supporters of SHARE can purchase a virtual brick which will be put towards the cost of a house to provide temporary accommodation for the homeless people of Chester whilst they back on their feet.

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Last week we took #SuspendedCoffees online, this meant for the first time ever you could buy a suspended coffee online, and it be delivered on the streets to someone in need by Share's Outreach Team on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. A Suspended Coffee is not a cup of coffee hanging in mid air as it might sound, it's actually when you buy a coffee for someone in need and your purchase is 'suspended' until someone in need comes to claim it. Since going online lots of people have visited our website to suspend drinks for those in need....

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Chris Matheson MP, Refugee, refugee camp, share, Shareshop, uk -

Since Chris Matheson MP cut the ribbon on Chester's SHARE shop on the 16th Jan 2016, the shop, designed to deliver direct aid to people who are homeless in #Chester, whilst raising money to buy a house to begin taking people off the streets of the city and to send aid to assist refugees fleeing for their lives around the World, has this week smashed through the £100,000 sales target!

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North Wales & Cheshire based charity SHARE agrees to part fund a large shipment of aid from the U.K. to two refugee camps in Greece.

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Suspended Coffee costs just £2 and ensures that a person who is struggling with homelessness is handed a hot cuppa to help keep them warm and hydrated.

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