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Homes for the Homeless

One of share's main projects is our “Buy a Brick” campaign.     

So far over £35,000 has been raised to support this great cause but we still have a long way to go.                                               

The project goal is to purchase a derelict or empty building which can be refurbished with the help of local businesses and trades-persons, to become a three bedroomed or more dwelling to move at least three people who are homeless off the streets.  

Chester Aid To The Homeless (CATH) have agreed to select and support the homed people, share will work with them to get them volunteering in the share shop to get some job experience and will provide them with food, drink and clothing.

Once assessed ready, share will provide them with a reference and will work with local businesses to find them full paid employment. Once financially stable, we will work to move them in to rented accommodation and then take another three people off the streets of Chester.