URGENTLY NEEDED - Baby & Child Aid

URGENTLY NEEDED - Baby & Child Aid

Our volunteers at the SHARE hub in Mold are currently in urgent need of nappies and socks for children and infants.

In response to this we have added a Baby & Child Aid Sack to the website - a pack of nappies comes in at an average cost of £5.99 which is what we have priced the sack at, though the funds will be used to buy whatever is deemed most important at the time - nappies, formula, bottles, clothing, small toys to provide comfort and brighten the day of a child thrust into a terrible situation.

We encourage you to leave a message when you are checking out to provide comfort to the child or baby you are helping - we will ensure it is passed on to the child or their guardian.

You can help to improve the life of an innocent child by purchasing a Baby & Child Sack here.

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