Ukraine Refugee Appeal

Ukraine Refugee Appeal


UKRAINIAN refugees escaping war in their homeland by staying with families in Cheshire West will have new funding available to them thanks to charity SHARE (Supporting Homeless, Assisting Refugees Everywhere).

Fundraising by the Chester based charity means that people, who have come to the borough via the national Family Visa Scheme in 2022, can access financial support locally.

The charity, which has recently moved into new premises in the city centre, has raised £17,000 for Ukrainian refugees since the conflict began in March this year.

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We have allocated £11,000 of the funds raised to be used as grants of £200 per family and £3,000 towards white goods to support families placed into accommodation 🤩


SHARE hosted a party for local Ukrainian families which was organised by the Wesley Church and co-ordinated by Iana Carling. 

There was singing, dancing, food and entertainment. Everyone had an amazing time! It was also a big celebration for all the children who had a birthday between 1st July and 1st Sept as they were not able to celebrate with their friends at school. SHARE funded an entertainer, Soul Kitchen provided birthday cakes and CWAC provided £10 birthday vouchers. 

*UPDATE 11 MAY 2022*

We have just hit £14,000 in donations!  Thank you! 🇺🇦 
Our last 3 shifts at SHARE Mold have welcomed Ukrainian guests with their Hosts, a total of 19 so far. We are pleased to provide any toiletries, footwear, clothing and toys.

Showing the lovely children into our toy room is always our favourite part.
Seeing them choosing their very own toys is so lovely. 💞
Yesterday was no exception for our last visitors of the day, especially for a little boy who chose a box with a toy garage on and pictures of cars on the box.
He was so excited and couldn't wait to get back home so he could play with his new toys. 💞

Later at home I got a call from the host to say that there was no cars included and the little boy was distraught, I could hear him crying in the background. 😥 he was inconsolable.

It may sound extreme but when you are 5 years old and have been through what they have, leaving everything you own, your home, your family, your friends, your own toys etc ...its a big deal.

So we arranged to get him some toy cars and delivered them today to the host at her workplace. I think it's safe to say that we now have a happy little boy.😊

🔴 Notice for Hosts
Please be advised that we are using an appointment only system. If you wish to bring in your Ukrainian guests please call us to book an appointment first. Thank you 🇺🇦

*UPDATE 14 MARCH 2022*

We have just hit £12,500 in donations! We are blown away! Thank you! 🇺🇦

SHARE are currently at the Poland/Ukraine border! 100% of your donations will go to directly support and assist families who are refugees fleeing from Ukraine, with aid bought and distributed on location. Stay tuned!
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We currently unable to take any more physical donations at Share. Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date about the work Share is doing.

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We are getting lots of requests on how people can help animals. This website has lots of information on Charities dedicated to helping animals in Ukraine.

Help us hit £10,000!

After being inundated last week with physical donations of aid we are now preparing to send a team of SHARE Volunteers from Chester & North Wales to the Polish / Ukrainian Border, this could happen as soon as next week, we have already established links with other charities and teams on the ground and our team from Chester & North Wales will be focused on buying and distributing aid, including food and medical supplies at various points along the border where hundreds of thousands of people are arriving. We will be reporting back daily so that anyone donating to our appeal can see how their money is being used. We need your support, fundraising and donations now more than ever. 


SHARE have been inundated with very very kind donations of aid for people fleeing from Ukraine. We are confident that we will have enough to fill the trucks leaving for Poland on Friday and therefore we will be pausing our appeal for donations of aid from 12 noon on Thursday 3rd March.

SHARE will now be focusing instead on raising financial donations, so that we can buy further specific donations on location near to the border of Ukraine, buying aid on location has multiple benefits, it supports the local economy in the areas where refugees are and more importantly it will allow us to buy exactly what is needed on the ground at that moment, it also makes the most of your donations, instead of us needing to pay for haulage, so that every penny can be used to buy much needed aid.

If you are able to donate or help us to raise money please donate online here.


During the week of 7th March, 3 lorries with essential humanitarian supplies will leave for the Poland-Ukraine border to help mothers with children who were forced to flee the conflict with Russia.

The support is coordinated by the PISC organisation based in Wrexham

Drop-off locations are listed below.

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Please can you advise me if you welcome cash donations, or would you prefer physical donations? Thank you

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