Support Nets' mission to the Hope Cafe in Athens

Support Nets' mission to the Hope Cafe in Athens

On the 13th August, Net Ketchell, one of our Trustees will be travelling to Athens on behalf of share to work for the Hope Cafe in Athens. The cafe is an amazing place that feeds those in need and its volunteers ensure those attending feel loved and cared for.

Net is raising money to specifically buy supplies for when she is over there as they are in desperate need of baby milk, nappies and toiletries. 

"Having seen the aid leaving Britain in containers, I felt moved to help at the other end and see how the aid is being used and give my time to make a very small difference.

Camps in Greece are very basic; many contain caravans, rooms constructed in warehouses and tents outside in the open. Volunteers' support is vital to the refugees' survival. They top up food supplies, provide blankets clothes utensils and equipment for them to live a very basic life. Volunteers coordinate aid into Greece from all corners of the world from wheelchairs to kettles.

All the money for supplies will go to share and then be used in Greece to buy supplies as needed."

If you would like to support this great work you can donate via the mydonate page using the link below.

Thank you as ever for your support 

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