#SponsorAnne Update

#SponsorAnne Update

Hi, I’m Anne,

In January I unfortunately ended up on the streets.  I wouldn’t say ‘sleeping rough’ as I was too terrified to sleep and never stayed in one place for very long.  I spent days wandering around the streets – tired, cold and hungry.  I somehow managed to keep this a secret from my employer as I was desperate to keep my part time job.  I needed hope.

Using bathroom facilities in supermarkets I managed to freshen up and meet my work commitments.  The police approached me on several occasions.  At first I assumed I’d done something wrong (needed moving on), but they were actually concerned for me as they could tell I was new to the streets.

Eventually I was pointed into the direction of The Share Shop and the wonderful Sandra.  Then ForFutures and all of their dedicated workers, supporters and volunteers.  Their support was overwhelming.  I spent many a day sobbing over a book in the Storyhouse.  As soon as I accessed all of this support I realised there were so many genuine, friendly people concerned for my well-being.  Total strangers really that changed my predicament.  Everyone could tell I was a new face and everyone did everything in their power to welcome me, support me, give me clothes, feed me…and make me feel important!

Luckily I discovered SWEP so most nights I had a warm meal and a safe, warm place to rest my head!  I began to have regular hot meals and hot drinks.

Through the Share Shop and ForFutures I have now managed to secure temporary, supported housing, I am still searching for my own flat (with support) but with the added relief I have a safe and warm place to stay each night.

I still have my job (which I love) and I’m going to be volunteering for Share and ForFutures in my spare time to do anything I can to ease the burden of being homeless.

I know I was lucky.  Many have been out there a long time with huge demons to battle.  I will raise awareness to support and help give back in any way I can.

I appreciate and thank everyone who read, liked and shared my story.  And a MASSIVE thank you to those who donated to get my life back on track.

Please continue to like/share and donate – Honestly, it is VERY much appreciated.

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