Scrap Metal Collection for SHARE

Scrap Metal Collection for SHARE

Wow! We cannot thank the Direct Cleaning Group enough. What an amazing initiative!!

Richard from Direct Cleaning Group...

Myself and my staff have came up with a fundraising idea for 2019 utilising my waste business to donate possibly 2-3 days a month collecting scrap metal from peoples homes in the local communities of Ellesmere Port, Chester and Wirral areas.

It’s a great way for the local community to donate waste items for a better cause.

Items we are looking for people to donate to the fund

  • washing machine 
  • tumblr dryers
  • washing lines 
  • microwaves
  • radiators
  • boilers
  • copper piping
  • Iron baths
  • old taps
  • cookers
  • dishwashers 
  • filing cabinets

We can arrange collection of all waste items FREE of charge and all labour carrying them to our van.

With your help I estimate we can raise around £5,000 - £10,000 over the year which will be donated to SHARE to buy essentials like food, sleeping bags, clothes.. even warm, dry shelter and just help generally run this amazing charity.

So it's a great way for the general public to donate waste items they may be looking to have moved for FREE without having to put your hand in your pockets, but still making a massive difference to less fortunate

So if any of the lovely public would like to contact my business

Phone us on 
03300 020288 
07894 821844

Massive thanks to all that came along to help it was a real eye opener but a great satisfying way to spend Christmas Eve with staff and friends. 

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