OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Chester's 'Legal High' Hell

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Chester's 'Legal High' Hell

Over the past 4 weeks we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people suffering from the effects of so called 'legal highs' in the City of Chester, specifically from the drugs known as Spice and Black Mamba.

These drugs are very strong, very addictive and also very cheap in comparison to other better known drugs, which make them very appealing to the most vulnerable in society.
In just one day last week we received reports that 10 people had been admitted in to The Countess of Chester Hospital after taking these drugs with one unconfirmed fatality.

Legal high in Chester

SHARE is calling for more to be done in the city, specifically to A) Find ways to clamp down on the supply chain and dealing of these drugs inside the City of Chester and B) Increase the level of support offered to those addicted to these drugs, and reduce the amount of time it takes to see people who need access to addiction services in the City.

SHARE - Supporting Homeless Assisting Refugees Everywhere. Registered Charity No.1166530.

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