Help A Homeless Person: COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Help A Homeless Person: COVID-19 Emergency Fund

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak presents specific risks to the homelessness population.

Individuals living and sleeping in shared spaces such as hostels, night shelters, and day centres are at particular risk as they are unable to self-isolate, and services cannot close down as the people they support are then forced back to the streets, where they are at even greater risk.

What are we doing to help?
Lead by our Operations Manager, a small volunteer team are out on the streets of Chester each day (as the new guidelines allow us to be) just checking if there is anyone still out there, making sure they are ok and providing them with food packages, hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes. We are using social distancing and strict hygiene procedures to keep everyone safe. We are encouraging them to accept help and give advice.

We are also continuing to supply daily food deliveries to various locations around the city to help to care for our homeless friends who are now inside.

Share continue to work with the other charities to provide hot meals each night to so many of our homeless friends who are now safely in temporary accommodation provided by Chester West and Cheshire Council (CWAC) and Forfutures.

Why we need your help

Our funds are being hit hard and we are working hard to try and secure emergency funding from various grant making bodies.

  • We have lost our main source of income (our charity shop)
  • We are unable to accept donations of clothes and toiletries for our homeless friends, or donations for suspended coffee’s and meal packs
  • We are having to purchase more food supplies than normal, as now we cannot access outlets who regularly donated food to us as the end of the day.
  • We are having to buy additional protective gear for our volunteers such as medical grade masks and gloves.
  • We are purchasing hand sanitiser and medical grade cleaning wipes to distribute to our homeless friends to help them stay protected.

Please donate to our Emergency Fund. Every £1 counts.

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