Coffee for Homeless, Ordered & Delivered!

Coffee for Homeless, Ordered & Delivered!

Last week we took #SuspendedCoffees online, this meant for the first time ever you could buy a suspended coffee online, and it be delivered on the streets to someone in need by Share's Outreach Team on a Tuesday and Thursday evening.

A Suspended Coffee is not a cup of coffee hanging in mid air as it might sound, it's actually when you buy a coffee for someone in need and your purchase is 'suspended' until someone in need comes to claim it.

Since going online lots of people have visited our website to suspend drinks for those in need. So we'd like to say a quick thank you to Amanda, Iain, Anna, Susan, Esther, Jamie, Gabor, Mrs Eans, Heather, Cherrie, Julie, Helen, Aleta, Debra, Mark, Sara, Katie, Michelle and Sian. Your coffees were hand delivered to people in need on the streets of Chester between 8pm and 10pm this evening (tues). Many of the recipients were sleeping rough but all were in need and very thankful. 

If you'd like to suspend a coffee for someone ready for Thursday nights Outreach simply click here:

thank you for your support.

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