Chester Welcomes Refugees

Chester Welcomes Refugees

A welcome party was held today for over 60 mothers, fathers and children who had once fled for their lives from the horrors of War.

The party which was sponsored by The Big Lottery was organised by local grass roots charity Share! Share volunteers from Chester and North Wales, held the event at the City’s Deaf Centre. 

Families were treated to a delicious traditional Syrian meal which was provided by Faris at Falafel Xpress on Watergate Street to whom the charity is most grateful, followed by a family disco and games. 

One mother thanked Share from the bottom of her heart for holding the party and providing her family with such delicious Syrian food as it reminded her of better times from her homeland. She went on to tell volunteers that she and her family had walked hundreds of miles to escape from the devastation and War in Syria all the way to Turkey.

Her family are amongst the 20,000 Refugees that the U.K. Goverment has offered a safe haven to, each family was taken directly from a United Nations Refugee Camp. 

Share worked closely with The British Red Cross in Wrexham to organise the welcome party today in the City of Chester.

The charity would like to sincerely thank all those involved today in helping to organise this fantastic event which has spread joy, happiness and friendship between many different nationalities, showing the absolute best of human nature, to a large group of fellow humans who have recently experienced the worst side of human nature.

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