Buy a Brick in a House for Chester's Homeless

Buy a Brick in a House for Chester's Homeless

So far an amazing 34,697 bricks have been bought for our “Buy a Brick” campaign.

For just £1 supporters of SHARE can purchase a virtual brick which will be put towards the cost of a house to provide temporary accommodation for the people who are homeless of Chester whilst they get back on their feet.

Supported by Chester Aid To The Homeless (CATH), SHARE will work with each person to help them find employment and permanent rented accommodation to move on to when ready.

Over time this plan will allow us to continue using the house in a cycle to take multiple people off the streets and integrate them back into society. 

SHARE is looking to sell 97,000 bricks in total which at the time of writing this blog, leaves 62,303 bricks left to sell; this will allow the registered charity to buy a suitable three-bedroom house to get the project started.

SHARE is asking schools, businesses and groups to hold 'Buy a Brick Days' where pupils and employees are asked to bring in £1 in exchange for a non-uniform day – local business MBNA held their own “Buy a Brick” day and gave employees a red Lego brick as a token of their donation. 


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