Buy a Brick for just £1 for people in Chester who are Homeless

Buy a Brick for just £1 for people in Chester who are Homeless

In 2016 Chester’s ShareShop launched its first Buy a Brick Campaign, so we could buy the cheapest 3 bed house in the City and convert it into a home for people who were homeless.

Today we are relaunching that successful appeal to try to buy a 2nd house and turn that into a home for another 3 people who are currently homeless in Chester, these funds will also allow SHARE to provide daytime facilities and activities, including help to seek employment and tackle addictions, for these and other people who are homeless in the City. 

We have 145,000 bricks to sell for just £1 each! You can buy your brick here online or pop into Chester’s ShareShop on Northgate St, where you can also sign your name on our Brick Wallpaper, which will be used to decorate the house itself and remind those who move in of your very kind contribution and see any message you’d like to write. Any messages left on here will also be passed on. 

This house will remain the ownership of the registered charity (SHARE Registered Charity No. 1166530) and will be used as a first step to taking people off the streets, until they are ready to move into their own rented accommodation, at which point the house will be used to accommodate another 3 people, and so on. 

You can Donate via our JustGiving Page.

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