SHARE to help in Yemen

SHARE to help in Yemen

North Wales & Chester based SHARE are pleased to announce that they are partnering with Human Appeal to help the conflict affected people of Yemen.


Human Appeal have been working tirelessly in Yemen since 2014 and have been running programmes to alleviate the suffering of people affected by the conflict in the region.

Together with support from SHARE they will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the the most vulnerable people in Yemen through life saving support provision in health (including Cholera response), nutrition, WASH, food security, shelter, protection and education interventions in the most affected areas across the country.

The Programmes Coordinator for the HA Yemen mission, Insiya Salam said:

“We have Yemeni staff on the ground and our Head of Mission is overseeing everything with final oversight from myself at HQ. Our team in Yemen are constantly assessing the security situation in the areas that we work in to mitigate risk to our projects and decisions/recommendations are made based on these security updates together with input from the UN and the local authorities.

All our relief items are procured using local suppliers which we know is important to SHARE, and we deliver the projects ourselves through our field offices. This help from SHARE will assist Human Appeal in continuing the implementation of an 8 month minimum health and nutrition rescue package, in Mustabah district, Hajjah governorate, to save the lives of vulnerable groups of children, women and elderly people who are most at risk.

This project is critical in light of the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen and will focus on targeting 5 health facilities as well as communities in order to ensure the continued provision of vital basic services. According to latest figures, 75% of the population (22.2 million people) need humanitarian assistance, including 11.3 million people in acute need who urgently require immediate assistance to survive. 17.8 million people are food insecure, meaning six out of every ten Yemenis do not know where their next meal will come from. Within this population, 8.4 million people are severely food insecure and face a high risk of starvation.

Only 50% of health facilities remain functional, and even these functional ones face severe shortages in medicines, equipment, and staff. 16.4 million people need assistance to access health care out of which 9.3 million are in acute need. The availability of fuel in the country is crucial since its lack would lead to serious implications, such as causing public hospitals to reduce or suspend services and water networks to limit the operations or entirely shutdown. We would like to thank SHARE and all of their supporters and volunteers for choosing to support us”.

Chairperson of SHARE, Debra Webb said:

“Whilst our International Aid arm of SHARE has predominantly focused on helping refugees fleeing from war and persecution, we are also acutely aware of the horrific war in Yemen and the horrid suffering it has caused to many families.

As such we have been looking for a likeminded registered charity already working in the region to partner with and support. Human Appeal has offices in Sana’a and Aden and have temporary offices in Hudaidah and Hajjah so they can work effectively in these locations.

Like many other international aid agencies, this new partnership will allow us to buy aid within the region to support local communities and jobs by purchasing the aid at source, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and waste products, and maximising the amount of donated funds available at grass root level. While we will continue to ship specific items of aid which are unavailable within specific regions, we are increasingly trying to fund aid at source as much as possible.

The needs in Yemen are huge and we need additional funds to help expand our life saving assistance through this new partnership, I’d like to take this opportunity however to thank you for your interest in our work at SHARE both in supporting people in need here on the streets of the UK and people abroad.”


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