SHARE to Fund Large Shipment of Aid to Refugees

SHARE to Fund Large Shipment of Aid to Refugees


North Wales & Cheshire based charity SHARE agrees to part fund a large shipment of aid from the U.K. to two refugee camps in Greece.

SHARE volunteer Clair Jones commented "We are looking to send a container of aid to Lesvos. Chios are also in need of aid but they can't have a container on site directly. Lesvos and Chios are going to work together so that both camps will get the aid. There will be a few groups getting together like previous containers SHARE have helped to fill.

Care UK are hoping to get the container booked for the weekend coming or the following weekend. The container takes approximately 3 weeks to arrive in Greece. The situation at both Chios and Lesvos has gone worse. Chios has had over 900 refugees arrive on the island in these last few weeks and are living in awful conditions."

If you would like to donate to Share you can simply text: KIND23 £(any amount) to 70070. Or you can drop off clothing at any of the following locations:

ShareShop, 47 Northgate St, Chester, CH2 4BJ.
Share Hub, County Hall Complex, Mold, CH7 6NW.
Dandy's, Sealand Rd, Chester, CH1 6BS.

SHARE - Supporting Homeless Assisting Refugees Everywhere. Reg charity No.1166530.

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