Share continue to support the cities homeless

Share continue to support the cities homeless

Today has been another busy one here at Share. Here's a quick run down of what we've been up to.

👉🏻 Our Operations Manager has been co-ordinating pick-ups across the city - a huge thanks to Greggs for donations of bacon, milk, sandwich fillers, pizza, crisps, cakes and to Blacon High School for 30+ loaves of bread.

👉🏻 We've stocked up our freezers and distributed some of supplies to various places across the city, to support our homeless friends who are indoors.

👉🏻 A small team prepared packed lunches and did a walk around to reach any street homeless, to make sure they received something to eat and drink. We came across 5 individuals who we were able to provide with food, drink, hand sanitiser and body wipes.

👉🏻 Behind the scenes our team are working hard liaising with the Council, ForFutures and other local charities to work together and support each other during these trying times.

Thank you to our amazing team for everything you are doing ❤️


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