Baby & Child Aid Sack

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It is a sad fact that many of the worlds refugees are children.

The amazing volunteers at the share hub in Mold and our partners on the ground at refugee camps world over are working hard to bring a little light into the life of vulnerable, frightened children affected by war, and they need your help to do it!

By purchasing a virtual aid sack we will be able to buy products most needed for the care of infant refugees all over the world - nappies, baby wipes, formula, bottles, dummies, socks, small toys to provide comfort to a frightened child - whatever is needed most at the time!

It's so important that you leave a message of support when you check out - we make sure that they are passed on to the children and their guardians and it really does make all the difference to them to know that someone, somewhere is thinking of them and helping to improve their life.